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February 14, 2019

Historical Archive: Culture/Period Index
This index includes objects identifiable only by culture as well as datable ones.
When not otherwise indicated, chronological divisions refer to the cultures of western Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas.
For strict chronology regardless of culture, see the Chronological Index

Paleolithic, Neolithic, Ancient Near East, and Egypt to 1st c. BCE

Greek, c.750 BCE to 1st c. BCE

Scythian, Black Sea, Cypriot, and Celtic, 6th-3rd c. BCE

Etruscan, 'Italic', c.700 BCE-1st c. BCE

1st c. BCE to 5th c. CE: Roman period, not including explicitly Christian material

3rd to 5th c. explicitly Christian (Early Christian)

Sasanian Empire, 224 to 651

Byzantine Empire, late 4th to 15th c., and "post-Byzantine" works

Continental 5th to 8th c.: Merovingian, Visigothic, Ostrogothic, Lombard, and Avar

British Isles, 6th to mid-11th c.: Anglo-Saxon and other Insular objects

Continental late 8th to late 10th c.: Carolingian period

Islamic 7th to 20th c.

Korean 7th to 21st c.

11th and 12th centuries: Ottonian, Capetian, Romanesque, Gothic

13th to 15th century: Gothic and Renaissance (Early Modern)

16th and 17th centuries: Renaissance and Baroque

Chinese, Qing Dynasty and modern

18th and 19th centuries

20th and 21st centuries

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Stele of Naram-Sin, pink limestone, 2254-2218 BCE, Louvre

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Spitzer Cross, copper gilt and enamel, French c.1190, CMA 1923.1051

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Harvey Littleton (American, b. 1922), Blue Crown, pulled and cased glass, 1988, IMA 1991.221a-l. Art object copyright: artist/heirs.

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Ivory box with Arabic inscription in tuluth script, late 13th-early 14th c. Spain or Egypt, Sens CT TC.C'5